The 4C's of diamonds

The universal method of assessing diamonds anywhere in the world



Graded on the Absence of Color

The color scale ranges from D (perfectly transparent) to Z (pale yellow). We’ve tailored our selection of diamonds from D to I — offering only colorless and near colorless stones.

clarity or color.jpg


A Diamond’s Unique Imperfections

All diamonds contain a distinct DNA of internal inclusions and external blemishes, graded under 10-power magnification. Our selection ranges from FL to SI2 ensuring only the highest clarity of diamonds.



The Measurement of Diamond Weight

Carat refers exclusively to the weight, not size, of the diamond. From subtle to generous, our range consists of 0.75ct and above.



A Diamond’s Symmetry, Proportion and Polish

The relationship between various parts of a diamond determines the stone's ability to return any light than has entered it.

When cut to ideal proportions the stone achieves 100% light return, thus the stone will have the maximum brightness possible.