Style Me Pretty: Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

I am talking all about 2017 engagement ring trends with Style Me Pretty.

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East West

East West settings have become a fresh way to use elongated diamonds – ovals, marquise and cushions for example.  Its a unique way to set these diamond shapes that have come back into popularity over the past several years.




Chic Bands

Band Rings can be a really practical option for someone who is active or uses their hands a lot.  Women are collecting bands over the years as well to celebrate milestones, and I think we will see more brides going for stacked bands over time.  It’s a nice way to add character and design interest.



Ornate Halos

An Ornate Halo can be a really personal way to make your ring stand out from the crowd. Designers seem to be updating their halo design by using diamonds of varying shapes and sizes.  It adds a bit of interest and can also make the ring feel a bit more vintage in style.




Accent Diamonds

Accent Diamonds are coming back into style.  Think of this as an update to the traditional three stone ring.  Designers are using more subtle side stones to accent their center diamond, opposed to three stone rings where all three diamonds or gemstones are close in size.  These petite diamonds let the main diamond or gemstone remain center stage.  I think we will continue to see the three stone ring evolve in 2017.



Rose Gold

It’s a beautiful choice and really makes the diamond(s) pop! Rose Gold is a great choice for a bride that wants something unique and extra special.