Frequently asked questions


1. Custom seems intimidating... What do I need to know?

The goal of custom is that we take on the stress away for you! We are here to walk you through the entire process and educate you along the way so you feel confident in all details you've chosen.

2. What kind of quality can I expect?

Everything from the customer service from the finished product should be as close to perfect as humanly possible. Check out our Standards page for a more in depth look at our process and quality standards.

3. What if I want to make a ring that isn't on the shop page?

Reach out! We love hearing about what you want to make, we can custom make almost anything!

4. What if I don't know anything about diamonds or design... is custom right for me?

Yes! Our goal with custom is to not only educate you but also walk you through the entire design and fabrication process. Our collaborative approach makes sure we have your input and approval at each milestone.

5. I saw a ring on your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook but it is not on your shop page... what should I do?

We share not only our signature styles but also our one of a kind designs on our social media. If something peaks your interest, please reach out for more details!

6. I've purchased a ring on your shop page... now what?

All of our pieces are made to order. Rest assured, we've received your order and your piece is work. We will be in touch in 3-4 weeks when it is ready to ship!

7. Where are the rings made?

Everything is custom made in New York City in our exclusive jeweler's shop.

8. Do you have a shop or can we meet in person?

We see clients by appointment only in downtown New York City. For details or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

9. What if I don't live in NYC?

No problem! We have clients all over the world! If working on a custom project with us, you are still highly involved in all details!

10. What if I already own a diamond or want to supply my own?

Although we prefer to supply the center diamond because it gives us control over the quality, we are happy to set your stone in one of our signature settings. If you are interested in a setting on, please contact us to.

11. Do you work with colored stones?

Yes! We think they are a great way to show individuality and/or celebrate birthdays and milestones!

12. Do you work with lab grown diamonds?

At this

13. Are your diamonds ethically sourced?

Yes! All of our diamonds are ethically sourced and adhere to the Kimberley Process.